Every day I make decisions. At times these decisions can be as easy as “Should I watch TV or get on Facebook?” Or something harder such as managing my time, or what would be nutritionally good for me to eat. After I think about the decisions I make every day, I have seen a pattern in me. When there are important decisions to make, I seem to take the easy road, so fear will stay in the distance. Fear seems to never go away, but Jesus says to say “Get thee behind me.” I am learning that this means fear is always in my face beckoning me to listen. But I am to look fear in the face and tell it to get behind me. I am to listen to the Lord and do as He has commanded me to do and be who He has shown me to be.
I shall no longer worship my imagination with fear. From now on I choose the strength of my imagination with Faith. I will plant seeds of Faith and pull out the weeds of fear.
Luke 4:6-8; Luke 19:36; John 4:24