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The young traumatized flowers lay gasping for nourishment.  Their young lives cut short of revealing their full splendor. Her regret, not discovering her purpose. 

She could sense the life choking from her. She collapsed in a basket along with others she never noticed before. Would she not have time to flower? Is her purpose to perish in this setting? She felt strength decrease from her; she realized she was weeping from the end of her stem. Vitality leaving her, she soon would be limp and the death of her existence would disappear. She predicted she would not see the evening.

Then she received more cutting. Then dipped in water. Oh my, the agony of the end seemed unbearable. 


Then suffocation from drowning, but instead of drowning, she received nourishment; her stem straighter and her bloom fuller and more vibrant. She found a new family of blooms and greenery who filled her new home to make beauty. Normally she lived unnoticed, but now she stood in a place of honor and the focal point. She burst with pride and delight.


Except unbeknownst to this little bloom, she had a significant mission. A gentleman strolled in and acquired her new home. She and the others wrapped in cellophane and taken away. The drive made the bloom squeamish. When he stepped into a room of sadness, but when he set us beside a woman in bed. As the woman opened her eyes, the hospital room sprang into a rainbow of lights. The man brushed his finger against her cheek and kissed her lips. He moved us in front of her nose, and she smiled and dabbed the bloom. The power of love came through the touch, the smile caused the bloom to stand taller and stronger. The bloom found her purpose. She was to give happiness in the time of pain. There may be tears and sad smiles, but for the full-blown flower, it was the gentle touch of the woman’s finger. Lesson learned, change happens, bloom where your planted.

What do you Choose​​?


Do not live in the circumstances presented,

but choose the gift in front of you.

The Circumstances

“I see countless years of pain, why should I consider your words? How can suffering bring positives? My husband left me, I lost my home of 20 years, and I occupy a job I detest.”

 “Carol, continue.”

 “Continue? Isn’t that enough? You haven’t experienced my pain or traveled my road!” 

“My experience may never look similar to yours, however, there are two sides to a coin and two sides to every dilemma. The gifts that surround you will counteract the negatives.”

“You must be joking! How can there be a positive? A divorce, a loss of home, a job I hate! I see no favorable outcome or gift.”

“You have children, correct? Whom you love, care for, and hold? Are they not gifts?”

“Yes, but I cannot tolerate this pain any longer.”

Your Choice

“Are your children not a product of your marriage? Maybe they are the treasure you pursue? Have they not kept you going? Are they not why you work?”

“Well, yes! But…”

“Carol, receive your gifts. Your children are a blessing. Suppose tonight, instead of throwing sorrow, give joy and the unusual?”

“But I can’t afford the unusual.”

“Cooking happens each day, what about an unusual dish?”

“They only love macaroni and cheese.”

“Then cook a whole meal of macaroni and cheese, just for fun? Carol,  receive the gifts in front of you. Learn to recognize them with a joyous heart. And in this process, you will teach your children to seek the gifts in a storm. 

In Conclusion

Storms water plants.

Losing a house becomes a new home to decorate.

Every night introduces a new day.

The Lord who died on a cross gave a rebirth for His sheep.