A season of Harvest

The days are cooler, Mr. Rogers said. I love the cooler days of this season. The summer is for growing and the fall for harvesting. It goes along with God’s way. He grows us sometimes with hard seasons, but we come out strong and receive the fruit of our labor. Thank you, Lord, for guiding us and giving us wisdom to live in the season of harvest. I am thankful for the fruit of my labor. I am thankful for my weekends.

Mr. Rogers, I thought you would get all philosophical on me. And all of that talk was about the weekend?

Well, what is wrong with being thankful for my weekend?

Mr. Rogers, this season is about the pilgrims and the Indians, not about your weekend.

Oh, but Mr. Cole, The Indians and pilgrims were teaching us to be thankful for all blessings.

And my blessing is the weekend. 

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